About me

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I’m part of the Social Computing group at the Dept. of Computer Science. I’m also part of the Big Data Lab named Despina at the Dept. of Economics.

Since 2008 I’m publishing each year papers in different areas. I had the opportunity (and the luck) of working with great researchers both in academic and in business contexts, in different countries around the world. See this page for a complete list of publications. In general, these are my main research interests (which I also teach):

  • Data Mining
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Legal Informatics
  • Visualization and Human Interaction
  • Analysis of Collaborative Networks
  • Social Media Mining

I’m and I’ve been involved in several projects at regional, national, and european level, both as participant and coordinator. For an overview, please visit the projects page.

See more about technological transfer, awards, institutional roles, supervision of PhD students and postdocs, etc. on my CV section.